The Pros and Cons of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Most important nerves operate from the spine, making it very vulnerable to open back surgery.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery aims at eliminating tissue injury and trauma. This also requires precise diagnosis, sophisticated equipment, and top-notch neurosurgical expertise to perform.

Today, many types of spine surgery can be done using endoscopic procedures, with fewer risks of developing complications and quicker recovery time. Whether Endoscopic or Open Back Surgery, many options would still need to be considered.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

This surgical procedure, also referred to as Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), is a new and innovative approach to spinal surgery. The method only requires a tiny incision in the lower back, without a pronounced dissection of the spinal nerves. Instead, the surgeon uses specialized surgical instruments to visualize the spinal structures and subsequently decompress the spinal nerves.Endoscopic Spine Surgery

A camera (Endoscope) is used to transmit images to a monitor, and through the incision measuring less than 1 inch, the surgeon can view tiny structures using the Endoscope’s built-in magnification. When the surgery is complete, the instruments are removed and the small incisions fixed using

It is important to have adequate information regarding a spinal cord surgery and the best approach to take. When weighing surgical options between Endoscopic Spine Surgery and Open Back Surgery, it is advisable to consult the doctor to help in the decision-making process.

Pros of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

There are many benefits of Endoscopic Spine Surgery including:

  • There is a smaller risk of infection as compared to Open Back Surgery.
  • There is minimal loss of blood as only an incision less than 1 inch is made of the muscles.
  • Minimal pain involved during and after the procedure.
  • Recovery time is relatively quicker as the patient is only monitored for a few hours and released to resume a normal routine.

Cons of Endoscopic Surgery

  • Only a handful of surgeons are technically proficient enough to perform these procedures.
  • Typically not an option for very severe back injuries from events such as auto accidents

A trusted neurosurgeon should be in a position of addressing surgery-related concerns to enhance rapid recovery and return to normal lifestyle.

I have been doing exclusively endoscopic spine surgeries for over a decade and have pioneered many of the techniques and tools involved.

My primary objective is to help you avoid a fusion. To find out if you or someone you know may be a candidate for an endoscopic surgery, contact me for a personal one-on-one chat. We will discuss your pain and your options going forward.