About Dr. Mork

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Specialist


Dr. Mork has personally performed more than 8,000 endoscopic spinal surgeries.  He has also designed many of the specialized tools used in laser spinal surgery and is constantly pursuing the improvement of spinal care.

Dr. Mork has been instrumental in developing most of the current endoscopic spinal surgery techniques.  He is one of the originators and wrote the original peer reviewed articles on most of the endoscopic spine surgery techniques available today. He was the co-founder of Microspine and founder of the Endoscopic Spinal Academy. While others copy his techniques, he is always moving forward.

Dr. Mork represents the future of endoscopic laser spine surgery.  He has helped patients with prior failed spinal surgeries and fusions.

Unlike most surgeons who operate based on just the MRI findings, Dr. Mork’s diagnostic method will determine exactly what your problem is so that it can be resolved,  thus minimizing guesswork.  It may not be enough to plan a spinal surgery on the MRI alone.  Spinal mapping may be very helpful to obtain the diagnosis.

Dr. Tony Mork operates a concierge practice, emphasizing communication, first class care and treatment.  Dr. Mork is committed to his patients and patient care.


Other benefits include:

  • Surgery is performed in a hospital OR outpatient surgery center.
  • No general anesthesia is required.
  • No expensive physical therapy is needed.
  • No incision of larger than one 1 inch.
  • Dr. Mork does all post-operative care personally.