Pinched Nerve Treatment

Pinched Nerve Treatment

If you've been diagnosed with a pinched nerve and are looking for treatment, Dr. Tony Mork, MD in Newport Beach, CA and Naples, FL offers a cutting edge treatment referred to as endoscopic spine surgery to treat pinched nerves as well as the conditions that may cause the pinched nerve to begin with.

Typically pinched nerves can be treated with an anti-inflammatory, oral corticosteroids, physical therapy, and pain can be managed with narcotics or steroid injections. In severe cases where pain persists surgery may be the only option and Dr. Mork offers minimally invasive surgery to correct the issue.

pinched nerve treatment

Diagnostic Procedures

Note: All diagnostic procedures are performed by Dr Mork

The most important thing to understand before back surgery is the correct diagnosis to determine what’s causing the Pinched Nerves. The cause could be bony or soft tissue and must be determined before surgery since success depends on the correct diagnosis. This requires a careful evaluation and correlation of the history, the MRI findings, and the CT scan when necessary.


Treatment Options for Pinched Nerves

All treatment procedures are performed by Dr. Mork

Endoscopic Decompression 

Whether the nerve is being pinched or compressed by a disc herniation or overgrowth of bone causing stenosis, the endoscope (7-8 mm) is the ultimate in “minimally invasive” when removing disc or bone overgrowth. Endoscopic spine surgery is also the best approach to avoid a fusion and minimize collateral soft tissue damage.



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Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Minimal incision size

Minimal pain

Minimal anesthesia

Minimal recovery time

Minimal risk of infection

Minimal soft tissue damage

Minimal time at a facility (typically an outpatient procedure)


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Meet Dr. Tony Mork, MD

Relieving your back pain and giving you your life back is our goal at Dr. Tony Mork’s practices in Newport Beach, CA and Naples, FL.  Not only has Dr. Mork successfully performed over 8,000 endoscopic procedures, he also teaches and has produced his own training courses for doctors to become certified in endoscopic surgical procedures. When it comes to minimally invasive spine surgery, Dr. Mork is as professional and as experienced as it gets.

Conditions Treated by Dr. Tony Mork

Bulging Discs

Herniated Discs

Facet Syndrome

Annular Tears

Foraminal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis


Failed Back Surgeries

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