Patient Story Mary Lohman-Adams by Dr. Tony Mork

In this video Mary Lohman-Adams describes what the surgical treatment for 2 level Lumbar stenosis was like and how it was treated without a fusion. 2 Level Endoscopic Endoscopic decompression.
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Official Transcript

My names Mary. I had two area Incisions yesterday and got rid of all the spinal stenosis L3-5 and L3-4. Today is the day after I go great. I haven’t been, I don’t have any pain. I haven't had to use any ice. It’s Great. So, I refuse to fuse because this is what Dr. Mork does is totally superior.

You won’t regret it. I had it once before and I was pain free for eight years. Unfortunately, arthritis doesn't go away. So I'm back, but he's he's very talented, hes very skilled and I trust him and implicitly. I came all the way from Ohio to California to have the surgery because I didn't want to do what they wanted to do in Ohio. So, You have my word for it. It's great.

Just stand up and just take the time.

I could walk and everything. No pain. Great.