Dr. Tony Mork’s Mission

Ease spinal discomfort so you can go back to living your life.

Our aim is to get rid of the discomfort, not keep it in check.

With my experience in the field of spinal care, I’ve realized that tiny issues can result in plenty of discomfort and impairment for folks. Persistent discomfort demands a whole lot from an individual’s existence when it comes to personal enjoyment, work-life, marriage, concentration…even the most basic pleasures of daily life. I frequently think about why individuals put up with an aching neck or lower back for so very long, when small things may be carried out to handle these issues.

I’ll never consider spinal fusion if there’s another viable solution.

My attitude in spinal care is to alleviate discomfort, regain functionality and mobility in a healthy manner, making use of the most sophisticated technologies out there today. I don’t carry out spinal fusion, given thatin the majority of cases I don’t see it as beneficial.

Knowledge is empowering.

In my opinion, taking more than adequate time to figure out and understand your condition is priority number one. After I have considered your needs, I’ll take the time needed to coach you through the medical diagnosis. I’ll work with state-of-the-art models and advanced imaging techniques so you gain a detailed understanding of your condition. We’ll build a strategy to get rid of your discomfort and talk about any obstacles we find. Should you have an issue that needs a spinal fusion, I’ll talk about that with you and share my recommendations —  depending on what I would do personally, if I were in your place.

Set yourself up for success.

I believe that the greatest probability for a cure can only occur with a personalized, unique, concierge-style solution — provided by a single specialist. There will be no one else involved in your care but me and my staff. It is as personalized as it gets in the field of medical science, particularly in the management of persistent back and neck discomfort.

Should you have an array of issues, aches, and/or pains, all will factor into your medical diagnosis before a conclusive recommendation is given. These particulars can be extremely important to eliminating your discomfort. This is the type of thing that only your physician can know and will be based on many years of experience and accurate assessment.

You’ll get my numerous years of practical experience of spine-only approach.

If surgical treatment is appropriate, I want to make use of the most sophisticated methods and technologies (laser) with the smallest amount of injury (the least intrusive). I have applied non-invasive surgery since the beginning. I can recall the ground-breaking change that smaller surgical tools presented when addressing knee and rotator cuff traumas for non-hospitalized patients.

Your well-being is a huge consideration for me personally. Plenty of energy continues to go into my approach to offer you quality care during the various stages of your treatment. Including: preoperative discomfort maps when necessary, anesthesia alternatives suitable as an out-patient, and extra irrigation to prevent complications during surgery.