Cervical Foraminal Stenosis, Lance B.

Patient Pain Relief Story from Lance B.

I had suffered some sort of pinched nerve or wasn’t sure in my neck around the holidays. I’d had problems for years of just a little of streaking pain, but it would come and go. This time it really locked up. The pain was debilitating, severe, living on the couch at home, living on any pain medicine that I could get. I never had this sort of pain before. I tried a chiropractor and I saw immediately that that was not going to help, so started looking at other ways.

We got recommended to one of the big orthopedic groups here in our area and went and visited, got my MRI. They immediately recommended a fusion, and I just accepted it. I was like, “Wow OK, it must be really bad.” I don’t know how to read an MRI or anything so I just assumed that a fusion was a common thing, and that’s what I was going to get – a fusion in my cervical spine and I just accepted that.

Fusion is not the only option.

Then I started to do a little research online while we were waiting for the surgery (we had made a date) and then asked the orthopedic surgeon about other methods and he said they were a scam. I called my doctor about some of the other methods – laser and these different commercials and things – and he said “They are all a scam. If it sounds to be too good to be true, it is.”

As I looked into it and started looking at some of the boards of things that people had had, other methods than a fusion, I somehow found Dr. Mork’s information. I got my MRI, he analyzed it and immediately said, “No, no, we can just go ahead and clean that up and you will be fine.” I was like really? With his experience with arthroscopic surgery of shoulders and knees (I’ve had meniscus tear before and had that fixed) it made sense to me that “wow, if we can just fix the problem then let’s fix that and not do this radical fusion thing.

I saw some scary videos online with bolts coming loose after a certain amount of time and limited range of motion, the fact that it might not even solve my pain at all. So it was kind of scary, and I just felt completely at ease with Dr. Mork.

Immediate, Permanent Pain Relief

We scheduled the surgery, had the surgery. I had no pain the next day, literally none. I had range of motion, which he told me don’t do, take my time, that there is about a 6-week process; but I am 4 weeks now from surgery. I have no pain whatsoever, and I couldn’t be happier that I did the little bit of research and found an alternate way to take care of everything, so I am just super happy, couldn’t be happier.

I highly recommend Dr. Mork, just a super guy. Even when we got to the hospital, everyone that we talked to, nurses, even from the receptionist said “Oh you are with Dr. Mork? You’re in great hands. “I truly believe that and I am not getting paid to say this. So do your research no matter what it is and make sure you don’t overdo something. You wouldn’t get a knee replacement if you had a meniscus tear, so it just made perfect sense, and I am so happy that I came to Dr. Mork.

One issue I have with Dr. Mork, normally when you have a spine surgery you would assume you would get a lot of sympathy from people; just don’t show them your scar because it is basically about the size of a pimple or so now and people don’t even believe that I had spine surgery. So that is the only thing I think Dr. Mork may consider making a huge, maybe a fake scar that we could apply for our friends. Other than that it is fantastic. Thanks.