Dr. Mork on Herniated Disc: Symptoms, Diagnosis, AND Treatment

Most of us might think that pain within our backs is just a simple matter that we can easily rectify. However, back pain is often rather complicated. There are often different regions within our back which might be giving us pain. In addition, we could be feeling the pain in other regions as well, like in our necks. As such, adequate knowledge on back issues is vital. To gain this knowledge, probably the easiest method is contacting an expert on back-related complications like Dr Mork. This doctor knows practically everything that concerns back pain.

How do Herniated Discs Happen?

Among the issues related to back pain is a herniated disc. This is where the spinal disc’s nucleus pushes backwards and expands the edge of the annulus. Herniation basically comes in three forms: a non-contained herniation, a sequestered fragment herniation and a contained herniation. In a contained herniation, the nucleus’s center tends to ooze out of the spinal disc via an annular tear. There is basically a rupture inside the annulus which moves out but gets contained by the longitudinal ligament.

This, in turn, leads to chronic back pain. In a sequestered fragment herniation, the nucleus extends beyond the posture longitudinal ligament, and it also spreads beyond the annular tear. Here, a portion of the nucleus completely loses continuity with all the other portions of the nucleus. With a non-contained herniation, the nucleus of the spinal disc extends beyond the annular tear. It also moves outside the posture longitudinal ligament, which is incapable of containing it.

There are various treatments which specialize utilize for treating herniated discs. For instance, they ensure that the incisions they make are in the smallest size possible. This is to ensure that the soft tissues are only minimally disturbed. They may also look into the herniated disc location to help them in determining the next steps. Whichever the case, specialists like Tony Mork are essential in dealing with such issues.