Privacy Policy

Your use of this Website is subject to the Privacy Policy and the Website Terms and Conditions.

1. Privacy Policy Notice

The “Website” or “Site” refers to the websites listed in Section 17 and any other related domains, subdomains, or sales pages, as updated from time to time. These Websites are owned and operated by Dr Tony Mork, and/or our subsidiary companies in the United States of America (collectively, “COMPANY’, “us”, “our”, or “we”).

This privacy policy (“PRIVACY POLICY”) applies to information that you provide to us by use of our services (collectively, “SERVICES”) that may be provided by other means and media, including what is set forth below and what is defined in our Terms and Conditions.

This PRIVACY POLICY is intended to provide you notice of our information management practices, including (but not limited to):
• The types of information we gather
• How we use it and safeguard it
• How (and the degree to which) you may control the maintenance and sharing of your information

Your use of any of our Services or Websites constitute acceptance of this Privacy Policy and all other applicable terms.

2. Personally Identifiable Information We Collect and How We Use It

We respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting personally identifiable information (“PII”) that you provide in connection with your use of our Websites and Services.

While we may not collect everything identified as PII below, by law it includes the following information:
• Full Name
• Driver’s License Number
• Social Security Number
• Shipping and billing addresses
• Telephone numbers
• E-mail Addresses
• Payment Information, such as your credit card number

We may use information about you to:
• Provide any Services you request
• Keep you informed about any changes to our services
• Provide you updates about your account
• Inform you of other Services or offers in which you might have an interest
• Ask for your feedback to help us improve our Sites and Services

If you opt-in to receive e-mail from us, you will always be provided the option of opting out of future communications by following the directions posted in each message (labeled “unsubscribe”). If you do choose to opt out of marketing messages, we will be disappointed, but we will respect your wishes. We do; however, reserve the right to contact you regarding your account status, technical support, and for anything that might affect the services and/or products you have purchased from us in the past.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions and in the event of an acquisition or merger, your consent to disclose your PII to us will automatically apply to any future entity having a financial interest in us, our sites, or our services. In the event of an acquisition or merger, your continued use of our websites, services, and products signifies your agreement to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, California Privacy Policy, and Privacy Policy of the websites’ or services’ subsequent owner or operator.

As stated in Special Promotions, Purchases, Sweepstakes and Content Submissions, we may also work with third parties who provide services such as credit card processing, customer service, promotion management, order fulfillment, and/or prize delivery, as applicable. These companies are legally bound to handle your PII in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Third parties who provide (or participate in) Services on our websites are prohibited from using our customers’ PII for marketing purposes (and from sharing, selling, or otherwise using such information) unless you select to opt into their marketing efforts.

If you do not wish to share your information with our third parties for the purposes of their marketing efforts, do not opt in. Whenever you do choose to opt-in to communications from third parties, please remember that your information is subject to their privacy policy, which may differ substantially from ours. You should always review the privacy policy of anyone who collects your information to determine how it will be handled.

We will not disclose your PII that we have collected except as stated herein, or in the following circumstances:
• Where we are required by law, legal process, or court order to do so
• Where disclosure is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may cause or be causing harm to, or interference with, our rights, our sites, and our property, or to our other users
• Where we are responding directly to you regarding an inquiry, request, or complaint that you have made

IP addresses may also be collected in cooperation with Internet Service Providers to identify users if we deem it necessary to comply with law, to enforce compliance with our Privacy Policy, or our Terms and Conditions, or to protect our sites, our customers or others.

3. Non-Personally Identifiable Information We Collect and How We Use It

As a part of the registration process for some Services, you may be asked to provide information that does not personally identify you (“NON-PII”). Examples of this information include your personal preferences, gender, and purchasing habits. This information may be requested as a part of a User Account Profile you may be asked to create and is generally optional. We request this information to help save you time by customizing our services and programs to your preferences.

In some instances, we will automatically collect NON-PII about your use of our Websites and Services.

In order to track this information, we may use cookies and other types of technology (see below). Some examples of what we might collect include (but may not be limited to):
• The type of browser you are using
• The operating system on your computer
• The domain name of your ISP
• How you got to the site (i.e. your click-path through our sites/services or your click-through from third party sites, e-mails, or advertisements)
• Your IP address

If you are using our services from any hand-held/wireless device, we may also automatically collect the following information:
• The type of device you are using
• Your wireless telecommunications provider
• Your mobile identification number (assigned by your wireless telecommunications provider)

Information collected in this manner is anonymous unless you have provided us with PII. We may, at our discretion, use and share with third parties aggregate, NON-PII to show general demographic and preference information among users of our websites.

As stated above, when you visit our sites, our servers may automatically collect information about how long you stayed on a given site, the type of browser you were using at the time, how many times you visited each page, and your IP address. This information helps us improve our products and services and gives us a better understanding of our geographic reach.

4. Information We May Collect from Other People and How We May Use It

Some of our websites and services may ask you to submit PII about other people as a referral request. If you provide us with a friend’s PII, or if your friend provides your PII to us, we will send the information referral with an opt-in request. Please note that we use a double opt-in process, meaning that you will be sent a request to opt-in through e-mail, and you must click on a special link within that e-mail in order to finalize your opt-in status with us. If we do not receive an opt-in confirmation, we will not send further information.

5. Our Sign Up and Opt-In Policy for E-mail Newsletter Subscriptions

We will ask you for your name and e-mail address to subscribe to our e-mail newsletters. Again, we use the double opt-in process as described in Subsection 4 for any subscriptions. While this process creates an extra step for you, we believe that it also keeps you safe from practical jokes or acts of malice that may negatively affect you.

6. How Our User Accounts Are Setup and Maintained

In order to use some of our products and Services, you may be asked to register and create a user account (“USER ACCOUNT”). The creation of a User Account is free.

Typically, you will be asked to provide the following PII in the creation of your account:
• First and Last Name
• Address
• Telephone Number
• E-mail address

You will also be asked to choose a user name, screen name, or member name (collectively “USER NAME”) and password for your account. We recommend that you not use your real name, and we ask that you not use the name of another when selecting a User Name.

As with use of other Internet forums, chat rooms, or message boards, use of our similar Services will make your USER NAME available to the Internet’s general public while you are participating.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any information you choose to publicly disclose in these venues and through these types of Services.
You are responsible for keeping the information contained within your USER ACCOUNT updated with current and complete information.

To request deactivation of your USER ACCOUNT, send an e-mail to Please review our restrictions and acceptable use guidelines for our user forums in the “Terms and Conditions” for our sites.

We also provide an “unsubscribe” option in all commercial e-mail you receive from us, and you may exercise that option by clicking on the link contained within the e-mail. Please understand that while your option will be automatically processed, it may not always be possible to completely remove or modify your information in our databases until we execute a data purge process. This means that while you will not receive further communication from us; your information may continue to be stored with us until our purge process is run. Once we have executed our purge process, in the event that you choose to reconnect with us after opting out, you will be asked to re-enter all of your information.

7. Our Commitment to Data Security

While we take every reasonable and appropriate effort to protect your PII from unauthorized access and disclosure; no website, Internet transaction, computer, or Internet connection (whether by wireless or Ethernet protocol) is completely secure. As a result, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other types of breaches will never occur.

By accessing our Sites, you understand that you do so at your own risk.

Whenever you give us confidential information (such as a credit card number for payment processing), we abide by Payment Card Industry standards which means that we take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is protected through establishing a secure connection with your web browser. We use secure-socket-layer (“SSL”) technology to protect your information during its transmission to either our site or to our third party e-commerce partners. We do not use or retain your credit card information for marketing purposes.

8. Special Promotions, Sweepstakes, Purchases, and Content Submissions

Your PII will be collected when you enter a sweepstakes, participate in a special promotion, or make a purchase through our sites, either by us, or through a third party.

Your entry or purchase serves as your consent for us to collect and distribute such information to third parties such as e-commerce providers for the purposes of:
• Processing your credit card transactions
• Customer Service
• Sweepstake Administration
• Order Fulfillment
• Prize Delivery, as applicable

As stated above, these third parties are prohibited from using this information for their own marketing purposes and/or from sharing, selling, or otherwise distributing any of your PII, unless you choose to opt-in through their marketing efforts.

Except where prohibited by law, your participation by entering a sweepstakes or a special promotion that could be construed as such, serves as your written consent that you agree to be bound by the official rules that govern such an event. These types of promotions may require that you agree to allow your name, voice, and/or likeness to be used in advertising or marketing efforts and any such requirement will be clearly posted in the official rules.

When you submit a website comment, blog post, photograph, or other content to be published by any means (electronic, voice, DVD, etc.), we may display your name or other PII in connection with publishing the content.

By submitting this information to us, you give us your consent to publish said material.

9. Customer Service

When you communicate with any of our customer service agents through online chat, e-mail, telephone or any other means, please understand that the operator may view and make changes to the information provided in your User Account in order to fulfill your request for assistance.

10. About Cookies and Other Tracking Technology

Our sites may contain cookies or similar technology as it becomes available. Cookies are small files that our sites may place on your computer to:
• Help you navigate our sites more effectively
• Help us track usage patterns on our sites
• Help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns
• Limit multiple responses or registrations to our sites and services

Most browsers and antivirus programs are setup to allow you to configure your preferences for cookies. You should read the Help Guides for your browser and antivirus programs to determine how to set your preferences. While not intentional, you may encounter some problems with our sites if you choose to disable cookies.

From time to time, we may post advertisements for products and services on our sites, and those advertisements may also have cookie technology in use. We have no control over any third party’s cookies, and prior to selecting to opt-in to any offer or product posted, we encourage you to review the applicable privacy policy and terms of service. Our privacy policy does not apply to any third party posted advertisement or product.

11. Hyperlinks

Our sites may contain hyperlinks to (a) sites owned and operated by Dr Tony Mork, and (b) sites owned and operated by Third Parties (“Non-Owned Sites” collectively).

Our privacy policy and terms of service apply to all sites owned and operated by Dr Tony Mork but do not apply to Non-Owned Sites. Please carefully review the privacy policy and terms of service for all non-owned sites prior to providing any PII. Additionally, as you might imagine, we also have no control over the content of all Non-Owned Sites. By clicking on a hyperlink to a Non-Owned Site, you agree to hold us harmless from any and all liability associated with your use of and/or purchase of products and services sold on these Non-Owned Sites.

12. How to Contact Us Regarding Privacy

We welcome your comments and questions about our Privacy Policy. To contact us, e-mail us at Please use this e-mail address to contact us regarding Privacy questions and comments, as submissions to our forums, chat rooms, or by any other means may not receive a timely reply. The information you send to this e-mail will not be used for marketing purposes.

13. Notification of Updates to This Policy

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions at any time. When we make material changes to these policies, we will post an “Updated Privacy Policy” and/or “Updated Terms of Service” link on our sites for no less than 30 days.

The changes to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will be effective immediately upon posting. When you choose to continue to use our Sites and Services after we post these updates, you agree to be bound by the updated versions of these Policies.

14. Special Notice About Children under 13

We are committed to ensuring the safety and confidentiality of PII concerning children under the age of 13, which means that we are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations that support this effort, including compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). Except for the exemptions allowed by COPPA, we will not knowingly collect, maintain, or distribute PII from a child under 13 without first obtaining documentable consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian. We will take all reasonable actions to remove any PII a child under the age of 13 has submitted to us upon notification by a legal parent or guardian.

To notify us of such a circumstance, please send an e-mail to and include in your message the User Name, password, and/or e-mail address that was used for the submission of this information. We encourage all parents and guardians to monitor Internet usage of children closely.

15. Payment Card Notification for Credit Card

Processing in the U.S.A.

As per Payment Card Industry standards, we are hereby providing notice to all users, no matter where domiciled, that we process our credit cards in the United States of America. By providing your PII to us, you agree that no matter where you live, you consent to our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service, and to the collection, storage, and processing of your information in the United States of America.

16. Special Notification for California Residents

As provided by California Civil Code Section 1798.83, a California Resident who has provided personal information to a business with whom he/she has established a business relationship for personal, family, or household purposes (“CALIFORNIA CUSTOMER”) is entitled to request information about whether the business has disclosed personal information to any third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes.

As per the terms of the Civil Code, upon receipt of your request for such information and only once per calendar year, we are required to (a) provide a list of all third parties to whom we distributed your information within the preceding calendar year, and (b) provide a list of the categories of personal information we disclosed. To make a request, please ensure that you are a CALIFORNIA CUSTOMER and send us a request at.

Please note that e-mail is the only way we are required to respond to this request.

As stated in this Privacy Policy above, we do share information with third parties when you choose to opt in for their direct marketing purposes. Once you have opted into a third party’s direct marketing campaign, should you decide that you do not wish for your information to be used, you must contact the third party directly, according to their Privacy Policy.