Spinal Stenosis

When you are experiencing prolonged, worsening pain within your arms, legs and torso, this may be an indication that you may be suffering from spinal stenosis. If you have been experiencing long term tingling, numbing and pain within these areas, it is imperative that you visit a doctor that specializes in spinal procedures so that they may diagnose and treat your symptoms immediately so as not to cause any permanent damage to your body. As we age, we do tend to feel minor aches and pains more often than we used to, but any kind of extensive, long term pain is usually not associated with our age. It’s an indication that there is something wrong within us that needs to be corrected. Dr Tony Mork is the leading back surgeon in California, offering relief and comfort to our patients with new and lasting techniques.

What is Spinal Stenosis

This is a condition that usual effects adults that are fifty years of age and older. It happens when the spinal canal begins to narrow. The spine is made up of vertebrae and discs that absorb shock. These vertebrae and shock absorbing discs protect your spine, which is part of the central nervous system that connects the brain to the body. When your spinal canal narrows, the spaces within the vertebrae begin to decrease, causing tightness and pressure on the spine and its surrounding nerves. This usually occurs with the onset of arthritis, which can seriously increase your pain and numbness. Dr Tony Mork offers some of the latest and most effective treatments for this condition, such as a minimally invasive procedure known as endoscopic surgery.

There are several benefits available if you are found to be a candidate for endoscopic surgery, such as a significantly shorter recovery time, minimal scarring and the fact that general anthesis is not required with this type of procedure.  This type of surgery avoids the large incisions and other risks that traditional open back surgery can involve, such as having to cut and tear through the back muscles and tissues in order to gain access to the damaged area of your back. There is also a minimal amount of blood loss with this procedure, along with the lack of muscle and tissue trauma. If you have already experimented with other approaches to your pain, such as medications, physical therapy and exercise, with minimal results, you may find your solution with endoscopic surgery.

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Spinal Stenosis
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