Herniated Disc

If you are suffering from the pain and lack of mobility that can accompany a condition known as a herniated disc, we understand that the management of your pain may be difficult, if not impossible to maintain. Some people feel that as they grow older, they just naturally are going to feel more pain. While this may be true in a smaller sense, it is not the reason that you are having to cope with chronic, debilitating pain. When you are experiencing symptoms of pain that leave you to the point to where you find it difficult, if not almost impossible to be able to sit, stand or even get out of bed, these symptoms should never be ignored, as they can lead to permanent damage to your body. Dr Tony Mork is a pioneer in the field of spine and back surgery and is the number one spine specialist throughout the region.

Causes of a Herniated Disc

Disc herniation is usually caused by the gradual wear and tear that your body goes through as we tend to age. This is commonly referred to as disc degeneration, which means that your spinal discs begin to lose water content which makes them less flexible causing a rupture or tearing when your body is moving about. Some people don’t even realize when or how it happened. In other words, it can happen to you without you even knowing it, until the pain comes. Obesity causes extra stress on your lower back discs, which increases the likelihood that you may be afflicted with this condition. People with physically demanding jobs are also at a higher risk of contracting this condition, while others may have a predisposition by inheritance.

Conservative treatments, such as proper rest, pain medications and physical therapy are the first things that are prescribed when you experience the pain of a herniated disc. Usually, if these treatments don’t improve your level of pain and your lack of mobility within six weeks, surgery is usually the next course of action that your doctor will discuss with you. With the amazing newest techniques that have become available in the medical field, there are now minimally evasive surgical procedures that can offer you the relief from your chronic pain, along with the benefits that go along with it, such as a significant shorter recovery period and an almost immediate improvement with your mobility.

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If it has come to the point to where you have run out of options to control and manage your pain on your own, Dr Tony Mork would like to invite you to visit our web site at drtonymork.com, and begin to learn of our unique and specialized treatments and solutions that we offer that will bring relief and comfort from your chronic pain. We feel that no amount of pain has to last throughout your lifetime and that there is a real solution that will allow you to enjoy a better way of living. Please call us at 949.640.6675 for additional information by speaking directly with Dr Tony Mork.


Herniated Disc
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