Facet Joint Syndrome

If you have been experiencing severe pain when you tend to twist or bend your back, you may be feeling some of the symptoms of what is known as facet joint syndrome. This common condition usually occurs because of an injury, wear and tear on the body and simple aging. Another reason for its development is the result of certain physically challenging occupations, whereas the body is in a constant state of lifting, bending and twisting. Facet joint disorders are the most common of all recurring and disabling lower back and neck problems, that can cause serious symptoms and at times, a severe disability, if left untreated. Dr Tony Mork is an experienced and dedicated spinal back surgeon who has devoted his entire career discovering the newest state-of-the-art techniques, allowing for the comfort and relief from your debilitating pain.

What is Facet Syndrome

Facet joint syndrome is a condition that triggers when the facet cartilage around the joint begins to wear out. When there is less cartilage, bones begin to rub against other bones because there is no more remaining cartilage between them. This allows additional bone to begin to grow, becoming much thicker. This is what causes bones spurs to develop, which can also lead to other debilitating conditions, such as stenosis. This condition can be diagnosed through several different methods, such as X-Rays, an MRI or a CT scan. These diagnostic tests will be able to reveal bone thickening, pinched nerves, joint swelling and thickened ligaments. The most accurate diagnosis of this condition can be made by a facet joint injection, where small amounts of cortisone, local anesthetic an contrast X-Ray material are injected into the joints.

If it has been determined that you are suffering with the severe pain that is associated with facet joint syndrome, you may have been advised to begin your treatment with pain medications, physical therapy and exercise to manage your pain, and try to begin the process of healing your body. If this has brought about a temporary solution to your pain, but with no long term or lasting results, you may be a candidate for a surgical procedure, such as minimally evasive endoscopic surgery for a permanent solution to your pain. Dr Tony Mork has performed over 8,000 surgical procedures throughout his illustrious career, with alternative solutions to traditional back surgery that poses a high risk and an extensive recovery period.

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Facet Joint Syndrome
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