About Dr. Tony Mork

Endoscopic Spine Specialist
Offices: Newport Beach, CA and Miami, FL

Dr. Tony Mork runs the Endoscopic Spine Specialist practice located in Newport Beach, California. Here, the surgeon emphasizes communication, quality patient care, and state-of-the-art treatment. Doctor Tony Mork performs patient surgeries in a hospital OR at an outpatient surgery site, and will personally handle all post-operative care.

As an originator and author of many of the early peer-reviewed publications on spinal surgery practices, Dr. Mork stands out from other doctors. Aside from opening the Endoscopic Spinal Academy, and serving as the co-founder of Microspine, Dr. Mork is passionate about assisting individuals with prior failed fusions and back surgeries.

Dr. Mork has has received recognition not merely for his medical skills, but also for being a visionary in the area of laser back surgery. From performing over 8,000 operations himself, to creating many of the specific tools found in today’s current endoscopic spinal operation practices, he is constantly trying to enhance spinal treatment.

Dr. Mork has become an acknowledged expert in the emerging discipline of laser surgery. This area focuses on the use of incisions small incisions (no larger than one inch), better alternatives to general anesthesia, and mitigates the requirement of physical therapy. Doctor Mork believes that any decision to operate should be based on something more substantial than MRI findings. To that end, Dr. Mork takes a more holistic diagnostic approach. For some patients, spinal pain mapping is a more suitable approach for finding a diagnosis.