Back Pain

There are several different reasons why you have started to experience back pain, that be a debilitating condition and can actually change your way of life. You may remember the exact moment where you injured yourself, possibly from a fall or the way you may have bent down or twisted in the wrong way, and maybe you have no idea what happened, but you suddenly are having to deal with severe pain. Whatever the cause of the pain may be, it is imperative that you seek help as soon as possible, because ignoring these pain symptoms can cause a lasting and damaging affect to your body and your overall health. Dr. Tony Mork is an endoscopic spine specialist who has performed over 8,000 endoscopic spinal surgeries, helping our patients live a more pain free lifestyle.

If you have been trying to manage your back pain with exercise, pain medications and possibly alternative healing solutions, such as massage therapy, with no lasting and longterm effects, you may be a perfect candidate for a minimally invasive back surgical procedure known as an endoscopic spinal surgery that can literally relieve your pain on the same day of your procedure. The desired result of this surgery is to relieve pressure and irritation of the affected nerve roots and to stop the feeling of pain from your sensory nerves. The procedure is considered a same day surgery, which means that your surgery is usually performed in the doctor’s office, instead of your being admitted to a hospital, and the patient goes home the same day that the surgery is completed.

Dr Tony Mork is known as the number one spinal specialist, not only within the Long Beach, Ca. region, but throughout the entire state, who has devoted his entire medical career assisting those who have felt hopeless and have resigned to the fact that they will spend the rest of their lives in pain. Dr Mork has also designed some of the specialized state-of-the-art tools and the technology that are used within the medical community while performing an endoscopic spinal procedure. Many of the benefits that are enjoyed by selecting this type of surgery, versus a more evasive type is the short recovery time, the fact that no general anesthesia is used and no physical therapy is required. You will be up and walking around the same day of your surgery, but with significantly less pain.

Trying to manage your back pain on your own can usually leave you feeling lost and hopeless because you simply can not do it by yourself. You need the experience and the medical know how of a spinal specialist. Dr Tony Mork would like to invite you to visit our web site at to learn more about the types of conditions that can benefit from an endoscopic spinal procedure. You can schedule your free consultation with Dr Tony Mork directly on our home page, of you can simply call us at 949.640.6675 and speak with one of our professional medical personnel.



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